Our goal is to help you quickly find a candidate or a Job that will meet your exact needs and stay with the organization in the long run. How can we do this? The answer is simple: The Career Matching Assessment Tool (CMATool) and its proprietary technology.

You can make an informed decision that can result in long-term employment/retention and reduce turnover. The New Career Matching Assessment Tool (CMATool) is the only internet job search, recruiting-hiring solution that rates candidates to jobs based on intrinsic qualities such as work-life balance, communication style, work habits, and career goals. It uses patent-pending technology and a unique assessment questionnaire to assess a candidateís compatibility with the organizational culture, people, and work environment.

CMATool based on scientific evidence is an internet questionnaire that takes 25 minutes to complete. Once it is completed it instantly gives compatibility measurements of the job seeker and the organizationís work "profile". The higher degree of compatibility leads to job satisfaction, and better performance.

What is the CMATool

The CMATool helps you to develop organizational and job seeker "profiles" that provide the best match between job applicants and employers. The "profile" focuses on
  • Workplace environment
  • Styles of workplace interaction
  • Opportunities for problem solving
  • Management style
A higher degree of compatibility leads to a better fit that is likely to lead to greater job satisfaction, better performance, and longer retention.

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